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  •  Click here for an examination of the question of identity in the works of John Haskell, Dan Wells, and Percival Everett.

  • This essay discusses Jose Luis Borges' evocative use of the labyrinth.

  •   Here is a review of Zachary Mason's Lost Books of the Odyssey.

  • My essay, Architectural Traits of the Immortals, comments on the architectural qualities in a few stories by Borges.   

  • A shadow self, a second skin, a reflection staring back from another world, those are my impressions when I think about the Other.

  • In this story, published in Clare, a man has to face the errors of his past. 

  •  Another story that shows the influence of Cortazar's "Continuity of Parks."

  •  I subbed for 26 years, some story had to come from it.

  • A fantasy: I meet Borges on a Vegas-bound bus.    

  • I'm a constant moviegoer with a nostalgia for old theaters. This story came from my obsession.

  • I grew up and remain a baseball fan. This essay is about my
    memories and the Topps, 1959 set of baseball cards.

  • This inspiration for this story is  a house in South Pasadena  on the way to the Rose Bowl.  I've seen many film crews there and I've caught glimpses of the house in the background of many commercials. 

  • She was sculpted from darkness and her name was Luna.  See my latest article in The MOON Magazine.

  • A waitress feels caught in a writer's fiction in To The Cloudpublished in The MOON Magazine.

  • Published in The MOON  Magazine,a man is drawn to a woman who is searching for a close encounter of the third kind.

  • Memories of movies have been with me all my life. This essay discusses two theaters in my hometown which formulated my movie-going experience. 

  • This story was inspired by Cortazár's House Taken Over.